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Medical Bills

Many people are forced to seek the help of a bankruptcy attorney because of medical bills. When an uninsured/underinsured person suffers a serious injury or diagnosis, they find themselves with thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills that they simply cannot pay. This leads to using credit cards or payday lenders to try and keep up, and eventually the debts and bills become insurmountable.

As a bankruptcy lawyer, there have been many clients who were otherwise healthy who found themselves in a car accident or some other incident that sends them to the hospital overnight. It is easy for an extended hospital stay to cost tens of thousands of dollars, with subsequent medical care adding even more. For people struggling to make ends meet, these bills are simply too much to pay back.

Also, it is important to realize that medical bills are dischargeable. Many times, clients come to the office and are under the impression that medical bills are not dischargeable. This is wrong. Medical bills are dischargeable debts.

You are not alone. Over 800,000 people sought bankruptcy protection in 2016. Westbrook Law Group can help with a bankruptcy needed to take care of extreme medical bills. We can help give you a fresh start after a serious medical problem.

What Our Clients Say

“Westbrook Law Group has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend them for any financial issues. They were my answer to prayers when I needed their assistance.”

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Brenda Dralle
February 8, 2021
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