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St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer: Meeting Missouri Residency Requirements


Many people with debt problems find they have to leave one state and move to another. For instance, a person has lost their job in one state and needs to move in with family in Missouri in order to save money. If this person needs to file bankruptcy within two years of moving to Missouri, […]

Will My Children Have to Pay My Debt When I Die? A St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13

During their initial consultation with a St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, some older clients worry that, when they die, their debt will be passed on to their children. They may have been told this by aggressive debt collectors who try to use pressure tactics to collect their debt. Fortunately, your children will not be […]

St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney: Can a Homeowner File Bankruptcy?


Many homeowners approaching a St. Louis Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney worry that they will lose their home if they file for bankruptcy. In actuality, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide a way for people to stay in their homes while making payments more affordable. If you are facing a foreclosure because you are more than 90 […]

St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer: Furniture Brands May Face Bankruptcy


St. Louis-based Furniture Brands International, Inc. may face bankruptcy, according to some analysts. The company has faced losses every year since 2007 and was especially hard hit by the housing market collapse in 2008. Because home furnishings are so closely tied with the housing market, if the housing market is down it depresses demand for […]

St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney on Detroit’s Bankruptcy


Recent events have made it appear that the city of Detroit will file for bankruptcy protection.  Because the city of Detroit has lost so many residents and businesses over the years, it is suddenly finding that it cannot meet its obligations to creditors and to retirees.  The city of Detroit once was one of the […]

St. Louis Bankruptcy: New Legislation Aimed at Curbing Online Predatory Lending


On this blog we have discussed the perils involved in payday and other types of short term loans. These loans are often attractive to people who are having financial difficulties because they often offer short-term solutions without the difficulties of obtaining traditional financing. These lenders often advertise that “all you need to obtain a loan” […]

Dionne Warwick Bankruptcy


A common theme on this blog has been that “bankruptcy can happen to anyone” and that there are a variety of factors that can lead someone down the road to serious financial problems. Among the people highlighted on this blog that have had to file bankruptcy include:

Hostess’s St. Louis Area Holdings to be Auctioned Off


In the ongoing story regarding bankrupt bakery giant Hostess its former St. Louis factories are set to be auctioned off to pay creditors according to a story published in the St. Louis Business Journal. The facilities are located on North Broadway and East Taylor and do not yet have an asking price. They will be […]

Report Indicates More Doctors Filing Bankruptcy


Financial difficulties can happen to anyone regardless of profession, age, education, or any other factors. The source of this financial distress can occur to people through no fault of their own and when this occurs bankruptcy may be able to help. People can get into financial difficulty for a variety of reasons including:

Research Indicates Apologies Benefit Bankruptcy Petitioners


When experiencing financial difficulty, it is not uncommon for people to take their situation personally and feel that they have somehow failed. The truth is that often factors outside of our control can affect us in ways that negatively affect our financial well-being. When people who cannot keep up with their debts file for bankruptcy, […]