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How Long Will it Take to Repair My Credit After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, St. Louis

Most people are well aware that filing bankruptcy will cause them to take a hit on their credit score. They know that it may be difficult to get credit cards and other loans for a period, but they wonder how long it will take to get their credit score back to normal. The answer depends […]

What is the Automatic Stay?

Bankruptcy, St. Louis

When filing bankruptcy, the automatic stay means that all collection activity must immediately cease. It happens as soon as a person files and means that all harassing phone calls, wage garnishment, even a foreclosure, must immediately stop. People find this a major benefit as it suddenly means more money in their pocket and a return […]

Can I Get a Mortgage after Filing Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people worry that, if they file bankruptcy, they won’t be able to someday obtain a mortgage. They worry that this will permanently remain on their credit report and scare away lenders. The good news is that a person can, in fact, be eligible for a mortgage after filing bankruptcy in as little as two […]

Inheritance and Bankruptcy Explained by a St. Louis Chapter 7 Lawyer

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people, in the anticipation of the death of a loved one, seek to file bankruptcy to get their debt under control. They know that there is something in the estate for them and the worry that their debt will consumer most of this inheritance. There are rules, however, about inheriting money so quickly after […]

How to Budget for your Family

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

When a person has a serious debt problem, they need a plan for how to attack it. The first step in this process is to create budget worksheet that gives them an overview of their financial situation. This can help you get an idea of exactly where your money is going and how you can […]

Can I Lose my Job for Filing Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Some people worry that filing bankruptcy may result in them losing their job. They worry that their employer might question their trustworthiness due to this filing. Fortunately, a person cannot be fired from their job for filing for bankruptcy. Therefore a person should not hesitate to speak with a bankruptcy attorney about their debt due […]

How to Tell When Bankruptcy is the Best Option

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Many Americans spend every day thinking about how they are going to come up with enough money to pay their bills.

Am I Responsible for a Deceased Parent’s Bills?

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

When a parent dies, it is not uncommon for them to leave behind some unpaid bills. These might include some unpaid credit card debt or unpaid medical bills that need to be resolved. The estate is responsible for paying back these creditors from any assets the estate may have. If the estate has no assets, […]

Examining the Effectiveness of Bankruptcy Reform

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Ten years ago this October, Congress passed a major overhaul of the bankruptcy code. Called the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA), it was an effort to curb what lawmakers deemed “abuses” of the bankruptcy system. A decade later, the effectiveness of this law is difficult to measure. As a bankruptcy […]

Fraudulent Transactions and Bankruptcy

Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people, before filing bankruptcy, try to hide certain assets or pass them to family members to prevent liquidation. The court is on the lookout for this and can potentially clawback or void these transactions. A St. Louis Chapter 7 Attorney can examine any transactions you may have recently had to identify potential instances of […]