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Handling Child Support Arrears

Bankruptcy, child support arrears, debt collection, St. Charles, St. Louis

Child support obligations are one of the nondischargeable debts some may have to deal with in bankruptcy. If you owe child support arrears, your child’s other parent has many ways to collect the money from you. He or she may head to court and ask a judge to issue a judgement for the child support […]

Consumer Rights When Debt Collectors Call

debt collection, St. Charles, St. Louis

When consumers receive phones calls from debt collectors, they may be embarrassed or overwhelmed, not sure what to do. Many consumers do not even realize even when they owe money, federal law protects them and grants them certain consumer rights. First of all, it is illegal for any debt collector to  harass, oppress or abuse […]

Making only Minimum Payments on a Credit Card

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Some people think that they are doing a good job with their credit card by only paying the minimum each month. While it’s true that this will keep a person current each month, it also means that a debtor will pay the maximum amount of interest possible. If they are able, a debtor should pay […]

Is my Bankruptcy a No Asset Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7, St. Charles, St. Louis

One concern people have when filing bankruptcy is that, after filing, they will have no money left to start a new life. In reality, most people who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy wind up filing what are known as “no asset” cases, meaning they pay back nothing. After applying the Missouri bankruptcy exemptions, it may be […]

The Importance of Annually Checking your Credit Report

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Our credit scores are often something we don’t think about until it is time to make a major purchase. This is especially true for someone who is deep in debt and knows their credit score is not as good as it could be. Unfortunately, if there is an error or incorrect information that is bringing […]

Are Back-Taxes dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

As we enter March and people finalize their taxes, some may worry about the tax bill they owe. It can be extremely daunting to owe Uncle Sam a large tax bill, knowing that this bill could result in substantial fines and even potentially jail time if unpaid. They may turn to a bankruptcy attorney, hoping […]

Should I Consolidate Debt Instead of Using a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney?

Bankruptcy, St. Charles

There are many ads for debt consolidation services that promise to help a person get their debts in order and even lower monthly payments. They are touted as an alternative to bankruptcy, allowing a person to get current on their bills while keeping their credit intact. Before speaking with one of these companies, speak with […]

How to Budget for your Family

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

When a person has a serious debt problem, they need a plan for how to attack it. The first step in this process is to create budget worksheet that gives them an overview of their financial situation. This can help you get an idea of exactly where your money is going and how you can […]

Can I Lose my Job for Filing Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Some people worry that filing bankruptcy may result in them losing their job. They worry that their employer might question their trustworthiness due to this filing. Fortunately, a person cannot be fired from their job for filing for bankruptcy. Therefore a person should not hesitate to speak with a bankruptcy attorney about their debt due […]

How to Tell When Bankruptcy is the Best Option

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Many Americans spend every day thinking about how they are going to come up with enough money to pay their bills.