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Category : MO

Understanding Reaffirmation Agreements

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Missouri, MO, St. Charles, St. Louis

A reaffirmation agreement in bankruptcy is a voluntary agreement between a chapter 7 debtor and a creditor that the debt between them will not be discharged. By reaffirming a debt, the debtor promises to repay the debt even though they would not be required to do so and the creditor agrees not to take actions […]

Can I File Chapter 7 More than Once?

Chapter 13, Chapter 7, MO

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows an individual to discharge their debts and get a fresh start on life. There are times, however, when a person runs into debt problems again and needs to file again. There is no limit on the number of times a person can file this type of bankruptcy, but there are certain […]

The Dangers of Compound Interest

Bankruptcy, MO, St. Charles, Troy

For those deep in credit card debt, compound interest is the reason it takes so long to pay off that balance. Compound interest is essentially “interest on interest,” meaning that you will pay interest charges on accrued interest. This might not sound daunting, but it makes it much more difficult to pay off this balance. […]