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Can I Get a Mortgage after Filing Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people worry that, if they file bankruptcy, they won’t be able to someday obtain a mortgage. They worry that this will permanently remain on their credit report and scare away lenders. The good news is that a person can, in fact, be eligible for a mortgage after filing bankruptcy in as little as two […]

Inheritance and Bankruptcy Explained by a St. Louis Chapter 7 Lawyer

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people, in the anticipation of the death of a loved one, seek to file bankruptcy to get their debt under control. They know that there is something in the estate for them and the worry that their debt will consumer most of this inheritance. There are rules, however, about inheriting money so quickly after […]

The Dangers of Reaffirming Debt from a St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

When a person files bankruptcy, it can difficult to part with certain assets. Something like a prized car may have to be liquidated to settle a loan against the vehicle. In some cases, a bank or lender may be willing to allow a person to keep that vehicle if they sign a reaffirmation agreement. Basically, […]

Fraudulent Transactions and Bankruptcy

Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people, before filing bankruptcy, try to hide certain assets or pass them to family members to prevent liquidation. The court is on the lookout for this and can potentially clawback or void these transactions. A St. Louis Chapter 7 Attorney can examine any transactions you may have recently had to identify potential instances of […]

Bankruptcy and Good Faith

Chapter 7, Missouri

In order to meet the requirements for a Chapter 7 discharge, a debtor needs to show that they’ve made a “good faith effort” to repay this debt. This can be worrying for some debtors who may assume they have to repay a substantial portion of their debt before they can even consider filing. To satisfy […]

Consider Using Your Tax Return on a Troy Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7, Missouri, Troy

It’s tax season, which means many people can expect a significant tax return in the near future. For those deep in debt, this extra money can seem like a godsend, enabling them to pay down some debt. Before mailing that check to your creditors, consider using your tax return on a Troy bankruptcy lawyer. It […]

Average Consumer Credit Card Debt Swells to More than $15,000

Chapter 7

One of the biggest burdens a household can face is substantial credit card debt. When a person puts large purchases on their credit cards, they can suddenly find themselves in way over their heads. This problem has gotten so bad that the average household now carries more than $15,000 in credit card debt alone. This […]

St. Louis Chapter 7 Lawyer on Student Loan Repayment Programs

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7

One of the biggest debts many young people face is student loan debt. This is becoming a major problem not just for young adults for but for all of society. Instead of buying a home (and all the other purchases that come with it), young people are forced to live with their parents and pay […]

What is Life Like After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, St. Charles, Troy

Many people deep in debt wonder what their life will be like after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They may be afraid that they will be left penniless, unable to afford even the most basic things in life. They worry that they situation will be far worse after filing. The reality, however, is much different. For […]

Types of Debt Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7

Debt can take many forms, and not all debt is created equally in the eyes of the law. For some people, the help of a St. Louis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney can provide a clean discharge of debt. Others, however, may find that they need Chapter 13 to get their debt under control. By speaking […]