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St. Louis Chapter 13 Lawyer: How Long will my Chapter 13 Last?

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, St. Louis

A common question that clients have for their St. Louis Chapter 13 Lawyer is, how long will my Chapter 13 repayment period last? The answer depends on your monthly income and your ability to repay your debt. In general, these bankruptcies last between 3-5 years. Depending your circumstances, it may be preferable to complete the […]

Paying for a St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, St. Louis

When filing Chapter 13, some people worry that they will need to have several thousands of dollars up front to pay for their attorney. They worry that they may fall behind on other payments or not be able to meet their monthly payments because attorney’s fees will gobble up the money they have saved. Fortunately, […]

Athletes and Bankruptcy from a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

When we think of athletes, we often imagine they are some of the richest members of society. This is true in some respects, but like all people they are subject to the same problems as everyone else, including bankruptcy. The sobering truth is that 78% of NFL players will file bankruptcy within 5 years of […]

St. Louis Bankruptcy Law Firm: Can I Keep my Car in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Some people hesitate to file bankruptcy because they assume they will be forced to sell their car. Because people need their cars to get to work and run other necessary errands, they worry that they will be worse off after they file, potentially losing their job or being forced to find another. Fortunately, many people […]

Bankruptcy and Retirement from a St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13

For older individuals, it can be a very difficult decision to file bankruptcy. Many people have serious debt, but they also have retirement accounts that they worry they will lose. Being so close to retirement, they worry that a lifetime of saving will go up in smoke when they file. Fortunately, many retirement accounts are […]

Stripping a Second Mortgage with a St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13

Many people still has second or third mortgages left from when home values were significantly higher. They added a second mortgage thinking their home value would continue to increase, only to find themselves stuck when prices plummeted. Now that prices are starting to climb back up, it may be time to speak to a St. […]

St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney on the Stigma of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Many people fear filing bankruptcy because of the stigma it carries in our society. Everyone wants to payback what they borrow and not feel like they’ve gotten something for nothing. Likewise, some people associate bankruptcy with extremely poor people and worry that they will be perceived as not being successful. The truth is that bankruptcy […]

Converting a Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 with a St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Some people file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, only to find that they need to convert it to Chapter 7. This might be done for several reasons. Some common ones can include: Unable to keep up with the Chapter 13 plan payments Unable to pay mortgage or car payments Simply realizing Chapter 7 might be a better […]

Will My Children Have to Pay My Debt When I Die? A St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains

Bankruptcy, Chapter 13

During their initial consultation with a St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, some older clients worry that, when they die, their debt will be passed on to their children. They may have been told this by aggressive debt collectors who try to use pressure tactics to collect their debt. Fortunately, your children will not be […]