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Car Repossessions

Is there a worse feeling in the world? Stepping outside in the morning to get to work or school or the doctor and realizing that your car is gone. And not just your car, but all the stuff in your car as well.

Getting it back is usually impossible without the help of a bankruptcy attorney, and even then, it may be too late.

If you are behind on your car payments by more than a month, please call us right away. We know how to help you avoid your car being taken, and we can advise on what to do if it already has. Often, if you file a Chapter 13, we can get your car back for you if it has not been sold.

If you don’t have a car you can’t get to work, you can’t take your kids to school, and you can’t get to the doctor. In our area, public transportation is unreliable at best, and non-existent at worst. Your car is your lifeline and most people cannot carry on without it.

When your debt begins to snowball and you risk losing your transportation it is time to reach out. Call our office and we will help you keep your car, your job and your family safe.