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The Importance of Annually Checking your Credit Report

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

Our credit scores are often something we don’t think about until it is time to make a major purchase. This is especially true for someone who is deep in debt and knows their credit score is not as good as it could be. Unfortunately, if there is an error or incorrect information that is bringing […]

Are Back-Taxes dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, St. Charles, St. Louis

As we enter March and people finalize their taxes, some may worry about the tax bill they owe. It can be extremely daunting to owe Uncle Sam a large tax bill, knowing that this bill could result in substantial fines and even potentially jail time if unpaid. They may turn to a bankruptcy attorney, hoping […]

How do I Discharge Student Loans with a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy, St. Louis

One of the biggest debt problems in our country involves student loans. Recently, the total amount of student loans passed $1 trillion. While the economy is improving, the unemployment rate is still extremely high for young people. This has caused many recent college graduates to ask a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer about discharging these loans […]

Strategies for Repaying Debt from a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy, St. Louis

When a person has overwhelming amounts of debt, it can seem almost impossible to get caught up. Fortunately, there are certain strategies that a person can employ that will help them attack their debt and potentially get caught up. As a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer, there are several strategies a person can use, but one […]

How Long Will it Take to Repair My Credit After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, St. Louis

Most people are well aware that filing bankruptcy will cause them to take a hit on their credit score. They know that it may be difficult to get credit cards and other loans for a period, but they wonder how long it will take to get their credit score back to normal. The answer depends […]

Debt Discharge From St. Louis Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney


In 2005, the bankruptcy laws were changed to make it more difficult for people declaring bankruptcy to file Chapter 7, which completely discharges many forms of debt. Rather, many people, wage earners especially, will be pushed in Chapter 13 bankruptcy which provides some relief but still requires some kind of repayment. As a St. Louis […]

The Benefits of the Automatic Stay

Bankruptcy, Missouri

When people are behind on their bills, they know that creditors will call them constantly trying to collect. They will call first thing in the morning and late into the evening, trying to get their money. Every time the phone rings, it creates a new sense of dread in the debtor. They know they owe […]

What is the Automatic Stay?

Bankruptcy, St. Louis

When filing bankruptcy, the automatic stay means that all collection activity must immediately cease. It happens as soon as a person files and means that all harassing phone calls, wage garnishment, even a foreclosure, must immediately stop. People find this a major benefit as it suddenly means more money in their pocket and a return […]

Can I Get a Mortgage after Filing Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people worry that, if they file bankruptcy, they won’t be able to someday obtain a mortgage. They worry that this will permanently remain on their credit report and scare away lenders. The good news is that a person can, in fact, be eligible for a mortgage after filing bankruptcy in as little as two […]

Inheritance and Bankruptcy Explained by a St. Louis Chapter 7 Lawyer

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, St. Louis

Some people, in the anticipation of the death of a loved one, seek to file bankruptcy to get their debt under control. They know that there is something in the estate for them and the worry that their debt will consumer most of this inheritance. There are rules, however, about inheriting money so quickly after […]