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Bank levies, garnishment, and liens are methods used by creditors that have obtained a judgment against you to collect on that judgment. Below is an explanation of what each one is:

  • Bank Levies – a bank levy occurs when the money in your bank account is either frozen or seized to satisfy an unpaid debt. This method is often used by the IRS in collecting unpaid taxes, but other creditors may use this method as well. In order for a creditor to place a levy against your bank account, they must have a judgment against you and then file for a levy to be placed on your bank account.
  • Garnishment – a garnishment usually occurs as an automatic withdrawal of money from your paycheck paid directly to a creditor who has obtained a judgment against you. A wage garnishment allows a creditor to take 25 percent of your wages. In the case that the person whose wages are being garnished is considered the head of household, the amount that can be garnished is reduced to 10 percent of wages.
  • Liens – a lien is a type of interest granted over a piece of property (real or personal) that secures a creditors claim for a debt. A creditor that has obtained a judgment against you can assert a lien over your property to securitize the debt.

The good news is that filing for bankruptcy stops all of the above types of collection activity. The moment an individual files for bankruptcy, the court issues an injunction which prevents all creditors from any attempt to collect on a debt. Furthermore, through the process of bankruptcy, the debts to creditors asserting any of these types of claims will be either discharged, paid, or restructured in such a way that you will be able to afford making the payments.

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